At Simpson's Developments we appreciate the level of commitment involved in buying a new home - not just on a financial basis, but on an emotional one. That's why each and every one of our developments employ the highest quality in materials and complete professional workmanship to ensure your optimum satisfaction. However, our level of service doesn't stop there for we believe in treating our customers as individuals.

Nigel Simpson has over 35 years experience in housing development and his wealth of expertise is accessible to you at all times. He is just a phone call away to resolve any queries which you may have. As your happiness with your new home is of prime importance to him, you will be assured of his personal investment at the very highest level.

This degree of service led to Simpson Developments winning the prestigious Certificate of Merit in the 2001 Daily Express British Home Builder of the Year. For Simpson Developments however, the real value of the award lies not just in it's national recognition, but in the fact that it was voted for by home builders themselves. We take pride in the award as it shows that our unique service has been of real benefit to our customers and that our company ethos has made a unique difference to the potentially fraught process house buying.

Site Manager, Clive Backus has been awarded the NHBC 'Pride in the Job' Award for the sixth time this year, whilst Gary Gordon won the award in 2016.

Simpson Developments are proud to have been recognised over the years for consistently producing quality, affordable homes built to the highest standers in both materials and workmanship.

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